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We are here for you!
When purchasing a puppy we provide a Guarantee with                               

1. Up To Date Current vaccines

2. Shot Record

3. Wormed

4. A Puppy Care packet

5. 1 Year In Writing On Genetics

6.  AKC Registration Papers

Each individual puppy is priced based on their size,quality, and their gender. etc..

Maltese are Hypoallergenic And Non Shedding       

Prior to picking up your Maltese, they are

1. Given a luxuary bath

2.Their little nails are manicured

3. Their teeth are brushed 

4. They get a little bow in their hair.

5. A  baby blanket and special toy

Deposits before birth guarantee your pick of the litter.
First depositer gets first pick second depositer gets second pick and so on. 
Breeder does reserve the right to have first pick of any litter.

The selection process starts when the puppies are 5 weeks old.

About Us

We raise our puppies in our home and provide a Clean Environment, which we believe provides Healthy Socialized Puppies . They are very much loved and cared for. We have high standards when it comes to our Biewers!  The Health of our dogs is extremley important to us. We strive to breed top quality bloodlines and improve the quality of our puppies. 
Our puppies are BBIR registered and we breed to the BBIR standard.

If you are approved for and purchasing a puppy with breeding rights you will be moved to the front of the list as you need “pick of the litter”. I usually only give one per litter and reserve the right to choose the puppy that is best qualified in this case.

Once you have notified us that the
deposit/payment has been sent we will hold your baby for 5 days but please contact us when sending any money so we do not sell your baby to someone else. We urge everyone when sending funds or paper work by mail to
use registered mail and postal money orders.  

You can send the deposit using Paypal but please add 3.5% to cover paypals
fee's for using their services. 

Because my puppies are very special to me and I take my job of placing puppies in safe and happy homes very seriously, I reserve the right at any time to refuse the sale of a puppy in the case that I do not feel comfortable with the placement. The placements will always be made in the puppies best interests.

Pictures will be provided on the website as they grow..By 8 weeks of age, the remaining balance is due in full unless other arrangements have been made. Puppies are normally ready to go home by 9 to 10 weeks of age.
The smaller puppies at 12 to 14 weeks.

If you need us to keep your puppy or dog for an additional period of time(after 10 weeks old) before you can take him/her home (i.e. you are going on vacation or getting a fenced area ready, etc.,) we can keep the puppy/dog for up to 2 additional weeks. The charge will be a boarding rate of $30.00 a day. It must be paid for before the puppy can go home with you. If the purchaser does not come back for the puppy/dog or we can’t get a hold of the purchaser in order to make pickup arrangements after 5 days of purchase date and no further arrangements have been made, the dog may be resold and in this case no refunds or replacements will be given to the buyer. The only exceptions are: if for any reason seller cannot fulfill obligation for puppy or dog, i.e. puppy becomes ill, is lost, stolen etc, seller will provide buyer choice of: a refund or offer a replacement dog of equal quality and value. 
All deposits and payments are non-refundable.  A payment is considered an acceptance of the contract and the contract is binding from the time payment is made.
All Puppy Deposits Are Non Refundable as it removes a puppy from a future home.

We have a lifetime "Return" Policy.

We would like for you to return our puppies back to to us without a refund if you can no longer care for them for any reason. 
Loss of job, moving, etc........
We do not want to see any of our puppies being placed in rescues or shelters!

We love hearing from our babies new parents and updates with photos. It makes all we do for them worth every minute!
We take pride in our puppies!  
I reserve the right to change prices at any time due to size,quality and their gender ,etc..if puppy's have not been sold